“If you always do, what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get, what you’ve always got!”

- Megan Miller

Introducing Pestle Packing Sales!

It’s the first and only independent pharmacy program that helps you grow your business by mastering the Sales Cycle—all without leaving your office. You go to pharmacy school to become a pharmacist and you can major in marketing, but there’s no training to learn the sales cycle.


Pestle Packing Sales was designed to build sales for the independent pharmacy through a series of steps that are repeatable. The six modules are packed with powerful techniques you can start using on DAY ONE

You’ll learn how to focus on profitability…understand your target markets better…and build a team of external evangelists to grow your business for you! And you’ll do it all from the comfort of your office or home.  No flying, no hotels, no cramming information over a couple of days or missing valuable work time.

Who should participate in Pestle Packing Sales?

•  The pharmacist who wants to grow her business

•  The sales rep who needs to visit docs and learn at the same time

•  The marketer who could use help understanding her market

•  The technician who wants to move beyond the lab and into the field

•  The pharmacist who is ready to add a new niche market

•  The employee who wants to go from a mere job to real career

•  The sales rep who is ready for a new challenge

•  An experienced marketer who wants to hone organization skills


The full six-module, eight-week course is only $1,500.  
Or you can choose to pay with three payments of $550 or 12 payments of $150.  
(One payment today with the balance billed monthly.)

It’s time to change the status quo and break through to a new level of income and profitability for your independent pharmacy. You can do this and we are here to help!

Here is what you will learn over the 8 week online course.

Module 1: Profitability!

1. How to plan a profitable career for yourself with a profitable plan for your pharmacy

2. Identify which products and services are best for your pharmacy

3. Eliminate the competition

Module 2: Solutions Your Customers Really Want!

1. Introduction to the sales cycle

2. Building rapport and generating interest

3. The five questions you must ask

4. The five questions customers ask you

Module 3: Be Prepared!

1. Create your own personal vision statement and goals

2. The tools of the trade

3. The “follow up formula”

Implementation Week

We built in a week for you to digest and implement what you’ve learned and get you ready for the next half of Pestle Packing Sales!

Module 4: Objections Overruled!

1. Part two of the sales cycle

2. Understanding a customer’s motives

3. Gaining commitment

4. Resolving objections

Module 5: Treasure Hunt, Finding The Hidden Opportunities!

1. Develop your existing accounts

2. Best prospecting methods

3. Referrals, referrals, referrals

4. List building

Module 6: Generating Buzz, Content Matters!

1. Understand that content is the new currency

2. How to create content

3. How to organize and publish

Final Catch Up Week!

We built in a week to let you digest everything before we end Pestle Packing Sales. But don’t worry, you can watch these classes over again!

Who are we?

Scot Maitland, is the owner of Tacit Almonds, LLC and Publisher of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. He is an international public speaker who has spoken for a variety of pharmacy organizations including ACA, IACP, NCPA and other organizations. Since 2010 he’s been a sought after consultant for independent pharmacy.

Letco Medical

Since 1993 Letco Medical has been committed to providing compounding pharmacies complete customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality products, customer service, technical support and the fastest delivery times in the industry. Letco is your partner in compounding. We have an extensive line of chemicals, supplies, equipment, capsules, solutions and bases to support compounding pharmacies. Letco Medical was also the first in our industry to offer CSOS ordering for your convenience. We also offer online ordering.

If you are still not sure, here is what some folks are saying…

“You’re the bomb!”

- Dana Easton, Vice President, Operations at American College of Apothecaries

"When I've got a question about how to handle a sticky situation with a prescriber and I need advice, Scot Maitland is the person I call. His experience in relationship marketing is top notch and he helps to remove the emotion and delve into the nitty gritty of the situation. I'd recommend Scot to any pharmacy owner that's looking to better understand how to communicate with their prescribers.”

- Ashley Nolan, CPhT, Lamar Plaza Drug Store

“Scot is a real pleasure to work with. His level of business and sales-savvy is  extraordinary, and he doesn't hesitate to share what he knows. It is obvious that he wants my business to succeed and he's really gone above and beyond to that end.”

- Alisa Meredith, Scalable Social Media

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